14 September: Twist and shout

Two classic Suspense installments, both twisting and turning around marital discord or the appearance thereof, both twisting toward their own peculiar twists, and each featuring one of the women who make the strongest cases for being, either one, the First Lady of Old-Time Radio

Cathy Lewis and Lurene Tuttle, perhaps the two First Ladies of Old-Time Radio. (Photo: CBS.)

Cathy Lewis and Lurene Tuttle, perhaps the two First Ladies of Old-Time Radio. (Photo: CBS.)


Suspense: You’ll Never See Me Again (CBS, 1944)

Suspense: Over the Bounding Main (CBS, 1950)

You’ll Never See Me Again”—The Cornell Woolrich novella gets a certain twist in the end: Ed and Janet Bliss (Joseph Cotten, Lurene Tuttle) have their first major argument since their marriage three months earlier, inspiring Janet to go home to mother . . . and Ed to go hunting at the bus station, for openers, after discovering Janet never got to her mother’s home.

Additional cast: Wally Maher, John McIntire. The Man in Black: Joseph Kearns. Announcer: Truman Bradley. Music: Bernard Herrmann. Sound: Berne Surrey. Writer/director: William Spier.

Over the Bounding Main”—Unemployed Marty Evans (Dan Dailey) agrees to a weekend getaway tuna fishing off the Catalinas, but a suspicious accident sets him to wondering just why his wife (possibly Cathy Lewis)—with whom he’d been bickering over their hardships before the weekend—really urged him to take the trip.

Captain Moran: William Conrad. Additional cast: Unknown. Music: Lucien Morowick. Director: Elliott Lewis. Writers: James Barnett, Gloria Elmore.


Tune in Today, Continued . . .


Vic & Sade: Working off Hank Gustop’s Debt (NBC, 1944)—Bernadine Flynn, Art Van Harvey, David Whitehouse. Russell’s reading aloud from a dry war novel is disrupted by Vic’s awakening from a nap and his dream of Hank’s plan to work off the debt, which may be a nightmare to Sade. Writer/director: Paul Rhymer.

The Life of Riley: Peg’s Job (NBC, 1946)—William Bendix, Paula Winslowe, John Brown. A friend’s engagement breakup because his intended earns more moves Peg to reminisce about her old job in her marriage’s early years—a memory that doesn’t enthrall Riley, who remembers something else about it entirely. Writers: Alan Lipscott, Reuben Shipp.


Drama/Dramatic Anthology

Lux Radio Theater: This Above All (Season premiere; CBS, 1942)—Tyrone Power (re-creating his film role), Barbara Stanwyck (in the Joan Fontaine film role). Class differences don’t prevent Clive Briggs from falling in olve with Prudence Cathaway after he survives Dunkirk. Host: Cecil B. DeMille. Adapted from the screenplay by Eric Knight and R.C. Sherriff; based on the novel by Eric Knight.

Lux Radio Theater: Quality Street (CBS, 1936)—Ruth Chatterton, Brian Ahern, Kathleen Lockhart, Mervyn LeRoy. With a pall over the proceedings in light of production legend Irving Thalberg’s unexpected and premature death, J.M. Barrie’s hit play—about a school mistress who loses her intended husband to battles against Napoleon and forges a more flirtatious alter ego who appeals to him more on his return—gets a simple, oddly dignified treatment tonight. Host: Cecil B. DeMille.



Frontier Gentleman: A Horse for Kendall (CBS, 1958)—John Dehner, Ralph Moody, Jack Moyles, William Allen, Will Wright, Vic Perrin. Kendall in Deadwoods is amazed and disturbed when a horse he buys is the target of massive wagering after the dealer who sold him the nag agrees to a challenge race by his fuming rivals. Writer/director: Antony Ellis.


World War II

Special Report: Chamberlain Offers to Meet Hitler (BBC, 1938)—“With a view toward trying to find a peaceful solution” to the Sudetenland crisis, the British Prime Minister offers to meet der Fuehrer in Berlin.

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