26 April: A crime

L to r: Bill Idelson (Rush), Art Van Harvey (Vic), Bernadine Flynn (Sade), with, presumably, mastermind Paul Rhymer seated in the background. (Photo: NBC.)

L to r: Bill Idelson (Rush), Art Van Harvey (Vic), Bernadine Flynn (Sade), with, presumably, mastermind Paul Rhymer seated in the background. (Photo: NBC.)

Customarily, the only thing anyone wants when listening to Vic & Sade is more, more, more. Thanks to the abject stupidity of sponsor Procter & Gamble, alas, about three thousand discs would be destroyed after World War II. Those that survive the eventual demise of the great comedy will miss their openings and closings and be in dubious sound quality that doesn’t erode the performances or the writing but makes it arduous for a 21st Century listener.

Perhaps P&G is to be commended for sponsoring the show, but to turn around and destroy it is tantamount to the dinosaur eating its young. All we can do at this late date is hope that the space formerly used to house those wonderful transcriptions made some indifferent company bureaucrat a comfortable office.

John Dunning, On the Air: The Encylcopedia of Old-Time Radio.

With faulty air conditioning in summer . . .



Vic & Sade: Sade’s New Luggage (NBC, 1939)

While Rush (Bill Idelson) regales Vic (Art Van Harvey) with the skinny on a much-averted brawl involving Bluetooth Johnson, Sade (Bernadine Flynn) revels in a fancy new suitcase given her as a gift by the Donahues—amusing Vic, especially when he learns just what kind of “going-away” present it is.

Writer/director: Paul Rhymer.

Further Channel Surfing . . .


My Friend Irma: Manhattan Magazine (CBS, 1948)—Marie Wilson, Cathy Lewis, Hans Conreid, Gloria Gordon. Jane is both pleasantly surprised and somewhat unnerved about being featured in a magazine photo spread addressing typical working girls . . . and she has plenty of reason to be unnerved when Irma blows a fuse—literally. Standard for this series.

Fibber McGee & Molly: The Time Organiser (NBC, 1949)—Jim and Marian Jordan, Richard LeGrand, Arthur Q. Bryan, Bud Steffen, Gale Gordon, Bill Thompson. The Slouch of 79 Wistful Vista has a hard time convincing his missus that housework can be organised—just the way he organises his lack-of-work time, that is. Don’t ask, just laugh.


Crime Drama

Let George Do It: The Eddie Prokosh Case (Mutual—Don Lee, 1948)—Bob Bailey, Mary Lou Harrington, Tommy Cook, Jay Novello, Tony Barrett, Frances Robinson, Wally Maher. A teenager hires Valentine to help her boyfriend, a reputed youth gang member who’s estranged from his father and coming out of a reformatory, but whom she fears will make a mistake that sends him right back . . . unless he can prove he was framed for the auto theft that sent him to the reformatory. Hold onto it.

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