12 January: Compassion misplaced

Larry Thor of Broadway is My Beat. (Photo: CBS.)

Larry Thor of Broadway is My Beat. (Photo: CBS.)

There come times in life when the falsely accused show compassion to those who set them up for the accusation in the first place. But there also come times when such compassion proves only too badly misplaced, as in tonight’s installment of one of the best crime dramas old-time radio yielded in its final decade of life.


Broadway is My Beat: The Larry Moore Murder Case (CBS, 1952)

Bitter Johnny Welch (Harry Bartell) swears to Clover (Larry Thor) that he’ll find his wife’s killer, after he himself is acquitted of the crime. When he tries forcing cocktail pianist Larry Moore (Shep Mencken) into confessing to the crime with a savage beating, however, Moore refuses to press charges out of pity for Welch . . . and is murdered himself.

Ida Gray: Mary Shipp. Tartaglia: Charles Calvert. Muggavan: Jack Kruschen. Additional cast: Steve Roberts, Jerry Hausner. Announcer: Bill Anders. Music: Alexander Courage. Director: Elliott Lewis. Writers: Morton Fine, David Friedkin.


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