22 January: Manhours v. womanhours, part deux

Jane Ace, who looked nothing like her radio persona. (Photo: CBS.)

Jane Ace, who looked nothing like her radio persona. (Photo: CBS.)

Flummoxing bus company and military leaders in a debate of manhours vs. womanhours just isn’t enough for Jane Ace. What a surprise.


Easy Aces: Jane and Dorothy Visit Ace (CBS, 1943)

Bus drivers on routes designed specifically to get war plant workers to their jobs expeditiously, Jane (Ace) and Dorothy (Betty Garde) decide to take a lunch break with (Goodman) Ace. And the wry realtor is somewhere between dryly amused and none-too-dryly astonished when the ladies continue struggling, not just with manhours, but with travel speed and company regulations—since they drove to his office in their empty bus.

You don’t often get actual dated episodes of this remarkable comedy of manners and malaprops as it is, but when you get a back-to-back gem your reaction should be anything but Ace’s trademark “Isn’t that awful . . .”

Miss Thomas: Ann Thomas. Mr. Wilson: Possibly Eric Dressler. Additional cast: Unidentified. Announcer: Ford Bond. Writer/director: Goodman Ace.


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