26 February: Zing went the strings of her heartburn

Alice Faye and Phil Harris. (Photo: NBC.)

Alice Faye and Phil Harris. (Photo: NBC.)

Ever after Alice Faye walked off the 20th Century Fox lot never to return, over a perceived deliberate slight from studio chieftain Darryl F. Zanuck—whom she believes undermined her in favour of Linda Darnell—Faye and her husband Phil Harris could never resist an occasional zinger at Zanuck on their own hit radio show.

But at least once the congenial couple—who throve on radio because it enabled to spend their weeks raising their children quietly in Palm Springs while doing the show work on the weekends—dedicated an entire episode to a Zanuck zing. Sort of.

The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show: Remley Writes a Movie Script for Phil (a.k.a. Wabash Avenue) (NBC, 1950)

Phil (Harris) learns from Zanuck himself that his scenes in Wabash Avenue were cut out and—determined to prove himself on screen—he becomes just desperate enough to think he can make his own movie . . . and that Remley (Elliott Lewis) can settle merely for writing and directing it, with Alice playing just “a bit part.”

Willie: Robert North. Julius: Walter Tetley. Announcer: Bill Forman. Music: Walter Scharf, Phil Harris Orchestra. Writers: Ray Singer, Dick Chevillat.


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