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Virtual seduction: Old-time radio listening, 2 April

Lonesome Gal: Till the End of Time (Syndicated, 1951)

Jean King, once radio's beguiling, undemanding Lonesome Gal. (Unknown publicity photo.)

Jean King, once radio’s beguiling, undemanding Lonesome Gal. (Unknown publicity photo.)

Perhaps this would never get past building security at any radio station today, but time was when thousands of men, too proud to confess love compromised or lost had left them fractured, switched their radios on to spend fifteen minutes each evening with a smoky-sounding virtual girl friend.

I was damned lonely in Dayton. So I just hooked into this idea and talked about my loneliness. And, you know, I found out there are a lot of lonesome people in this world.

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Beauty is only skin deep: Old-time radio listening, Valentine’s Day

Lux Radio Theater: The Enchanted Cottage (CBS, 1945)

McGuire, Young, and Marshall. (Photo: RKO)

McGuire, Young, and Marshall. (Photo: RKO)

This wasn’t first performed on Valentine’s Day. But it should have been. And if even the least sentimental listener isn’t gripped or embraced by this tastefully arresting adaptation of the film hit, he or she might be prone to charges of lacking soul.

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