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Underrated crime drama: Old-time radio listening, 29 March

21st Precinct: The Homecoming (CBS, 1956)

Barney Miller's future inspector put in his time as an old-time radio precinct captain. (Photo: CBS.)

Barney Miller‘s future sotted inspector put in his hard time as an old-time radio precinct captain. (Photo: CBS.)

It’s a heartbreaking one for Capt. Cronin (James Gregory), already bedeviled by a major city investigation, who must find a way to tell Waters (Harold Stone) that his beloved Army son was killed in a hit-and-run accident jaywalking off duty, while celebrating his promotion to corporal. The case takes a twist when the suspect (Lawson Kerbe)—still grief stricken over the accident—turns up AWOL from the same post, and in New York.

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Too close for Sinatra’s comfort? Old-time radio listening, 17 November

Rocky Fortune: A Hepcat Kills the Canary (NBC, 1953)

Sinatra sometimes bumped against his own real-time heartbreak playing Rocky Fortune . . . (Photo: NBC)

Tonight’s installment in this short-lived, off-beat crime drama—it may prove a kind of pilot fish for television’s later-1950s smash, 77 Sunset Strip, playing the private-eye theme for laughs, with an accidental protagonist who isn’t even a private eye, license or otherwise, as 77′s jaunty Kookie will be—may hit a little too close to home for its between-sorts star.

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