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11 March: Rochester’s enduring stand

Eddie Anderson, the irrepressible Rochester. (Photo: NBC.)

Eddie Anderson, the irrepressible Rochester. (Photo: NBC.)

Eddie Anderson was the son of a minstrel performer and one of the extremely few black high-wire artists. His father objected to his traveling up and down the west coast as a teenage entertainer. But he eventually became the first black performer hired for a permanent radio cast spot and almost as much of a radio institution as the man who hired him in the first place.

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A movement for murder: Old-time radio listening, 13 September

Quiet, Please: Symphony in D Minor (Mutual, 1948)

Cesar Franck, as depicted in Jeanne Rongier’s 1885 painting, “César Franck at the console of the organ at St. Clotilde Basilica, Paris.”

In its final episode on Mutual, Quiet, Please‘s creative supermen elect to pay tribute to the symphony whose second movement has yielded the show’s arresting musical theme . . . by deploying it as a murder tool. Which may or may not be more benign, in its macabre manner, than the backstory animating the symphony itself.

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