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27 March: The misadventures around Sam Spade

Lurene Tuttle and Howard Duff. (Photo: CBS.)

Lurene Tuttle and Howard Duff. (Photo: CBS.)

Howard Duff “was a seasoned but insung veteran” of radio when he bumped into the radio role of a lifetime in 1946, and he had the wife of the show’s director to thank for getting the role in the first place.

William Spier (Suspense) wanted nothing less than the next best thing to Humphrey Bogart when he decided to bring Sam Spade, the hero of Dashiell Hammett’s stories The Maltese Falcon, to radio, and Duff was anything but. But Spier’s wife, Kay Thompson, was taken so powerfully by Duff’s audition that her husband relented.

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