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14 March: A deadly lottery

When Shirley Jackson wrote “The Lottery,” her allegorical short story of conformism taken to arbitrarily deadly extremes, for the 26 June 1948 issue of The New Yorker, both the author and the magazine were staggered by the volume of negative and even hate mail the story was said to provoke. The volume included negative remarks from Jackson’s own parents, as the author herself disclosed in her eventual posthumous anthology Come Along With Me (1968), edited by her husband Stanley Edgar Hyman.

Shirley Jackson.

Shirley Jackson.

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19 November: The short, happy life of Dimension X

Ernest Kinoy, showing the Emmy he would win in 1964. (Photo: Museum of Broadcast Communications.)

Ernest Kinoy, showing the Emmy he would win in 1964. (Photo: Museum of Broadcast Communications.)

Science fiction and horror author John Stanley once spoke of the former genre on old-time radio somewhat disdainfully. He had little use for the like of Space Patrol, Tom Corbett Space Cadet, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, or Flash Gordon. He dismissed one and all of those as “kiddie sci-fi.”

But he may have had in mind a kind of implicit limitation to bringing the genre to the thinking box: “When you talk about radio sci-fi,” he once said, “you’re talking about a very limited number of shows. Most of them were just mysteries with some sort of fantasy tacked on.”

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Space odyssey: Old-time radio listening, 19 November

Dimension X: Competition (NBC, 1950)

Les Tremayne, one of the New York actors involved heavily enough with Dimension X . . . (Photo: NBC)

Suspense and Escape dipped into the genre once in awhile. Quiet, Please was a very occasional dipper but focused, as always (and brilliantly), on the psychological fantasy first. Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers were strictly for the kids and often as not insulted even their intelligence. Not until 1950, when Destination Moon becomes a film hit, does old-time radio find an impetus for a full science fiction series, and the first such show, Dimension X, will prove as well to be the best of its breed.

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