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4 March: Miss Brooks’s measured climb

Eve Arden (center) rehearses with Richard Crenna (left) and Gale Gordon (right). (Photo: CBS.)

Eve Arden (center) rehearses with Richard Crenna (left) and Gale Gordon (right). (Photo: CBS.)

It’s not that anyone is going to complain, mind you. But maybe, just maybe, network radio’s most beloved high school English teacher might be even more of a hit—even allowing that television is now cutting radio ratings severely—with a slightly more advantageous scheduling.

Since luring Amos ‘n’ Andy and Jack Benny from NBC, CBS has built a formidable Sunday night lineup. Putting Eve Arden’s cheerfully sardonic but hopelessly romantic English teacher on Sunday night at 6:30 p.m. after Our Miss Brooks spent 1948 rounding into shape didn’t exactly get her suspended from school—she finished 1949-50 with an 11.0 Hooper, enough to secure her seventh place on Sunday night—but CBS could have provided her a powerful choice of lead-ins.

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Schnozzy and Harriet: Old-time radio listening, 20 March

Our Miss Brooks: The Poetry Mix-Up (CBS, 1949)

Richard Crenna (left) and Gloria McMillan. (Photo: CBS)

Richard Crenna (left) and Gloria McMillan. (Photo: CBS)

Following the money is easier, probably, than following a paper trail of Harriet Conklin’s secret admirers:

Nasal Walter (Richard Crenna) is glum because paramour Harriet (Gloria McMillan) has been receiving anonymous love poems. Three suspects emerge surprisingly enough, with three different such poems going to three wrong recipients . . . and Harriet herself thinks one wrong sender is her secret admirer. Hint: he’s recently, and conspicuously enough, borrowed a copy of Cyrano de Bergerac from the Madison High library.

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Two days in November: Old-time radio listening, 7-8 November

Sylvia Picker, as Alan Ladd’s airy secretary on Box 13 . . . (Unknown publicity photo)

Two days in November. The perfect palliative for electoral hangovers, considering that, the way we got blitzed with political ads this time around, oh brother did we need a drink—even before we went out to vote, if we did . . .


7 November

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Her Miss Brooks: Old-time radio listening, 1 October

Our Miss Brooks: Measles (CBS, 1950)

Gloria McMillan, early in her Miss Brooks’s popularity . . . (Photo: CBS)

One pretty teenage student at Madison High often finds her allegiance to her favourite English teacher is tested only too often by her imperious, pompous principal father. But if Gloria McMillan’s Harriet Conklin will come to seem like the least immediately remembered or appreciated figure among Our Miss Brooks‘s company, when the show graduates from fixture to memory, McMillan herself may yet prove the company’s most appreciative, never forgetting what the series star teaches her as a mentor, castmate, and friend above all.

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“Three, four, five, six, seven, eight . . .”: Old-time radio listening, 17 September

Edward R. Murrow: Counting the Parachutes (CBS, 1944)

Talk about going where the action was . . . (Photo: CBS)

In one of his classic broadcasts during World War II, Edward R. Murrow—whose habitual flying aboard bombing runs, married to his legendary rooftop reporting of the earlier London Blitz, prompts many at CBS to wonder if their champion news leader has a death wish—flies such a run during the Allied invasion to liberate the Netherlands from the Nazi grip.

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