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15 March: The hard timing of Stoopnagle & Budd

A Stoopnagle & Budd advertisement.

An advertisement for Stoopnagle & Budd’s final series as a team, The Minute Men. (Photo: NBC.)

Radio ratings began to be kept in earnest during the 1932-33 season. Among the top fourteen shows on Thursday nights that season was Stoopnagle & Budd, its 9.8 Crossley rating nowhere close to Jack Pearl and his Baron von Munchausen exercise’s evening-leading 39.4 but only two full points behind Death Valley Days and seven fractional points ahead of semi-serial dialogic comedy Easy Aces.

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Studdnoople bagling: Old-time radio listening, 15 March

Stoopnagle & Budd: If We Supervised Radio (CBS, 1935)

One and a half of a kind: Stoopnagle & Budd (Photo: NBC)

One and a half of a kind: Stoopnagle & Budd (Photo: NBC)

Frederick Chase Taylor, a.k.a. Col. Lemuel Stoopnagle, from “Col. Speaknagle Stoopling,” collected in You Wouldn’t Know Me From Adam (New York: McGraw-Hill/Whittlesey House, 1941):

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Beer barrels and literary panels: Old-time radio listening, 9 January

There’s no such thing as too much Fred Allen . . .

Texaco Star Theater with Fred Allen: Hit By a Beer Barrel (CBS, 1944)—Guest Ed Gardner is little help when a brewery truck backs up to the sidewalk near the infamous Duffy’s Tavern, a barrel conks Fred (Allen) on the head, knocking him cold outside the dive, and it all ends up in small claims court with Fred accused of hijacking; meanwhile, Fred and Portland (Hoffa) ponders the latest point assignments and livestock exhibitions, and the Alley irregulars (Jack Smart, John Doe, Minerva Pious, Charles Cantor—who also plays his Duffy’s Tavern role of Finnegan), Alan Reed) address New York’s worst snowstorm (until the next one, of course). Announcer: Jimmy Wallington. Music: Al Goodman Orchestra; Hi, Lo, Jack and the Dame. Writers: Fred Allen, possibly Bob Schiller.

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