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Two days in November: Old-time radio listening, 7-8 November

Sylvia Picker, as Alan Ladd’s airy secretary on Box 13 . . . (Unknown publicity photo)

Two days in November. The perfect palliative for electoral hangovers, considering that, the way we got blitzed with political ads this time around, oh brother did we need a drink—even before we went out to vote, if we did . . .


7 November

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Unanticipated irony: Old-time radio listening, 15 October

Information, Please: Louis Hacker (NBC, 1940)

Dr. Louis M. Hacker (left) accepting a gift to Columbia University of George Macy’s Limited Books Club collection of rare books from Macy’s widow, Mary, and Nonesuch Press founder Sir Francis Maynell in 1958—around the time he served as grand jury foreman investigating television quiz show rigging. (Photo: Columbia University.)

Columbia University economist and historian Louis Hacker, tonight’s guest panelist, appears in the early flush of success for his The Triumph of American Capitalism, the beginning of what The Historian in due course would describe as his “ideological journey that would lead him to denounce Marxism.” But Hacker is destined for further—and ironic—renown than that book and tonight’s participation in the classic old-time radio brain exerciser.

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