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24 March: The bloody red harmonica blues

Shep Mencken. (Photo: CBS.)

Shep Mencken. (Photo: CBS.)

It has been almost as much a staple instrument of the blues as the guitar. The earliest records of such rock and roll legends as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones featured it frequently enough. A century earlier, and just a few years after a German clockmaker named Matthias Hohner made his first and began to mass produce it, the first such maker to do so, soldiers in both the Union and Confederate Armies are said to have taken comfort carrying and playing the instrument. So was President Abraham Lincoln.

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Unexpected mourning on Quality Street: Old-time radio listening, 14 September

Lux Radio Theater: Quality Street (CBS, 1936)


DeMille dedicates tonight’s Lux to Thalberg’s memory . . . (Photo: CBS)

There is a pall over tonight’s Lux Radio Theater production of this classic light-to-medium comedy.

It may not become evident until the broadcast’s end, when host DeMille addresses it directly, but Hollywood, and much of the world, is mourning the unexpected and premature death of one of the film industry’s genuine early giants.

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