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Prayer and Pacific: Old-time radio listening, 13 May

World News Today: Celebrating in Europe, Pressing On in the Pacific (CBS, 1945)

Robert Trout. (Photo: CBS.)

Robert Trout. (Photo: CBS.)

President Truman in Washington and the King and Queen of England attend services on a mutually declared Day of Prayer commemorating the end of the European war; a carrier attack on Japan and Japanese air forces trying to answer; Marines continuing their plunge toward the Okinawan capital; Australian troops closing in on liberating New Guinea from Japanese forces; rumours of former S.S. Commander-in-chief Heinrich Himmler being seized.

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An honest (to God) mistake: Old-time radio listening, 24 September

The Harold Peary Show: A Plan to Rename Boomer Park (CBS, 1950)

Harold Peary, who “outsmarted himself and lost the role of a lifetime” in 1950 . . .

The fabled CBS talent raids of 1948-50 didn’t end happily for all the radio stars who jumped in the wake of Jack Benny’s famous 1948 leap. In fact, one of the CBS targets ended up burned, not burnished by the jump in 1950: The Great Gildersleeve himself.

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