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6 March: Aces in the hole

Goodman and Jane Ace in 1948. (Photo: CBS.)

Goodman and Jane Ace in 1948. (Photo: CBS.)

It is often said that there are those who like to bite the hand that feeds them, and that there are the likes of Henry Morgan who like to bite off the entire arm. Goodman Ace is a man who prefers nibbling at the hand that feeds him. But that doesn’t mean the victim or one of its representatives will take it any more gently.

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The war effort launches: Old-time radio listening, 9 December

Fibber McGee & Molly: Forty Percent Off (NBC, 1941)

The First Couple of 79 Wistful Vista and their sponsor wasted no time getting behind the World War II effort after Pearl Harbour was bombed . . . (Photo: NBC; S.C. Johnson.)

That’s what a post card offers at the Wistful Vista Wholesale Outlet, a natural lure for a sucker like our man McGee (Jim Jordan). But it’s the program beginning which makes this program particularly significant, especially in light of what this show and its performers will come to mean throughout the war.

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Goodbye, Jane; Hello, Lucy: Old-time radio listening, 2 October

My Favourite Husband: Young Matron League Tryouts (CBS, 1948)

To move Lucy in, CBS and Jell-O moved the Aces out . . . (Photos: CBS)

You can file this under your “Who knew?” department. But moving My Favourite Husband to open in 1949 on Friday nights at 8:30 p.m. EST meant that CBS first had to take “radio’s original comedy couple” off. And it was CBS who’d talked them into returning to live radio after a three-year hiatus in the first place.

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“Three, four, five, six, seven, eight . . .”: Old-time radio listening, 17 September

Edward R. Murrow: Counting the Parachutes (CBS, 1944)

Talk about going where the action was . . . (Photo: CBS)

In one of his classic broadcasts during World War II, Edward R. Murrow—whose habitual flying aboard bombing runs, married to his legendary rooftop reporting of the earlier London Blitz, prompts many at CBS to wonder if their champion news leader has a death wish—flies such a run during the Allied invasion to liberate the Netherlands from the Nazi grip.

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