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24 November: Not so quietly hers . . .

Wyllis Cooper---characters before plot?

Wyllis Cooper—characters before plot?

Tonight’s Quiet, Please offering will receive more listener requests for copies of its scripts than any program in Mutual’s lineup. It’s a phenomenon that will continue when the show moves to ABC. It will also inspire a book of the show’s scripts to be published despite the early misgivings of their author.

“My scripts are not intended to be read,” Wyllis Cooper protests. “They’re intended to be listened to.”

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24 November: Deadpan, dead on

Nancy Sheridan plays Bernadine tonight. (Unknown publicity photo.)

Nancy Sheridan plays Bernadine tonight. (Unknown publicity photo.)

Wyllis Cooper has had two only annoyances since launching Quiet, Please earlier in 1947, according to John Dunning in due course: He isn’t fond of people comparing this show to his earlier radio creation, Lights Out, by those who remember only that Arch Oboler took it over and built a career upon that beginning. And, he can’t stand “acting.” “The (Quiet, Please) cast was told to play it straight . . . he wanted it related with a deadpan sense of ‘here’s how it happened’.”

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