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Compressing Austen: Old-time radio listening, 28 May

Theater of Romance: Pride and Prejudice (CBS, 1947)

Jane Austen.

Jane Austen.

The Jane Austen classic involving the beautiful but proud second daughter (Naomi Campbell) of a wealthy but reserved and bookish family in early 19th Century England, who finds an unlikely romance with a man (Eric Dressler) whose attitude toward romance is condescending, to phrase it quite politely—but who proves a romantic in his own manner, from helping her youngest sister marry to resisting a stiff aristocrat’s intentions for him with her own daughter.

Allow that it’s well nigh difficult to bring off such a work in a mere half hour and you won’t be disappointed by this performance.

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On the threshold: Old-time radio listening, 24 December

Yuletide without Barrymore? Bah! Humbug! (Photo: CBS.)

For all who celebrate, and for anyone sorely in need of extra cheer this and any such season, today’s offerings are dedicated.

Columbia Workshop: The Plot to Overthrow Christmas (CBS, 24 December 1942)

Set in hell, delivered in verse (some of it, admittedly, is a little on the awkward side but the archness of the delivery and the quality of the bulk makes up for it), some of history’s most notorious villains to that point convene to plan Christmas’s demise—as soon as they can quell this little, ahem, family squabble. (Sit down, Haman—for I am Ivan the Terrible! Brother Ivan is a demagogue/with the brain like a fly and the manners of a hog.)

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Two shades of Lurene: Old-time radio listening, 20 November

The Whistler: Death Sees Double (CBS, 1944)

Radio Life staged this photograph to salute Lurene Tuttle’s jaw-dropping turn as identical twins on The Whistler . . .

Yes, this is the same as the 6 November 1944 episode known first as “The Twins.” Unfortunately, “The Twins” was pre-empted, allowing CBS’s national network to carry a speech by Republican presidential aspirant Thomas E. Dewey, the former New York governor challenging Franklin D. Roosevelt, in the first of Dewey’s two failed White House bids.

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