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15 March: Spudnagle, stoop, satire, and sorrow

Frederick Chase Taylor (left) and Wilbur Hulick, radio's pioneering Stoopnagle & Budd. (Photo: NBC.)

Frederick Chase Taylor (left) and Wilbur Hulick, radio’s pioneering Stoopnagle & Budd. (Photo: NBC.)

For eight years, in the 1930s, Stoopnagle & Budd entertained the American public. Then the team split up and the two men went their separate ways in radio. Stoopnagle was a thickset man with a cherubic face, a rarity among comedians of the time in that he was a college graduate, and he was frequently as funny off-mike as he was on the air. He could play but one song on the harmonium, “I Love Coffee, I Love Tea,” and that became his theme. He had an extraordinarily inventive mind and while he loved the reverse English involved in Spoonerisms, his clever way of dealing with the language sometimes approached sheer genius.

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