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The War at 79 Wistful Vista: Old-time radio listening, 14 November

Fibber McGee & Molly: Fibber Attends Night School; a.k.a. Fibber and Molly Fight Inflation (NBC, 1944)

Fibber, Molly, and Johnson’s Wax, if not first then maybe best in World War II . . . (Photo: NBC, S.C. Johnson.)

Few if any old-time radio comedies were quite as accommodating in supporting the World War II effort as Fibber McGee & Molly, and with the full and uncompromised support of their longtime sponsor. That support didn’t begin or end with the show’s legendary D-Day broadcast, in which Jim and Marian Jordan, ever the McGees, turned over the entire half hour—which aired on the same day D-Day launched—to patriotically themed music, with only occasional interjections from the couple and one break-in from NBC News.

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Wistful vittles: Old-time radio listening, 23 October


Dining with disaster? (Photo: S.C. Johnson & Son/NBC)

There are those who believe the only thing better than one dinner date with the First Couple of 79 Wistful Vista is two such dinner dates—provided that you keep Fibber McGee as far from the kitchen as you keep a Dodger fan from a Giant fan, that is . . .

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